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Modification of Canadian Aircraft

What is a design change
The maintenance release for a modification design change
The AC 43.13 as specified data for major modifications
Approved data for major modifications
How do you obtain a design change approval

As in life there is two ways to get anything done, do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. The same goes for obtaining a Transport Canada design change approval (LSTC, RDC, STC or PDA). Any individual can obtain an approval from Transport Canada. However, this process can be complex time consuming. Transport Canada is advising that operators use delegated individuals and companies for obtaining approvals.

The following is a general work outline for the issuance of a typical design change approval:

  • The design change scope of work is determined. A compliance plan is defined stating all the affected certification requirements and how each affected requirement will be substantiated.
  • A Transport Canada 26-0469 Design Change Application Form is completed and sent to Transport Canada.
  • Project data is prepared as required. Data can involve drawings, aircraft manual supplements, test programs, test reports and or analysis.
  • Data is submitted to Transport Canada as required.
  • At project completion a compliance record is prepared which is basically a revision of the compliance plan capturing any changes that may have occurred during the project.
  • Transport Canada AE-100 form is completed certifying that all substantiating project data complies with requirements as listed on the compliance record.
  • An approval certificate and a data summary is prepared and issued.

Transport Canada charges for the issuance (and re-issuance) of an approval. At the time of writing the rates Transport Canada charges for a delegated individual or company (DAR or DAO) to issue an approval are as follows:

STC $1900
LSTC $220
RDC $220
Re-Issue STC, LSTC, RDC $200

The fees are higher when Transport Canada issues an approval directly to a non--delegated individual or company. You can find the complete fee schedule for aeronautical product approvals in Part I Schedule V of the CARS.

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