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Modification of Canadian Aircraft

What is a design change
The maintenance release for a modification design change
The AC 43.13 as specified data for major modifications
Approved data for major modifications

If specified data (ie. SRM or AC 43.13) is not available for the major modification or major repair, approved data will have to be used. This means an approval document such as an;

RDC: (Repair Design Certificate)
An approval for a repair to a specific aircraft(s).

LSTC: (Limited Supplemental Type Certificate)
An approval for a modification to a specific aircraft(s).

STC: (Supplemental Type Certificate)
An approval for a modification applicable to any aircraft of a specific type

PDA: (Parts Design Approval)
A Transport Canada approval record of a type design for a replacement part of the same fit, form and function.

These approvals are approved by Transport Canada, a delegated individual (DAR) or delegated company (DAO). The approval can be though of as an extension or alteration of the original aircraft type data certificate and type design. The purpose of the approval is to show that the modification “complies” with all pertinent certification requirements. This is an important distinction between mechanics (AME’s) and engineering. The purpose of the AME is to ensure “conformity”. That is, whatever work that is done is accomplished in accordance with some type of appropriate data or procedures. Engineering on the other hand ensures “compliance”. This means that the data that is being approved “complies” with all the applicable certification requirements.

How do you obtain a design change approval
What is a DAR and a DAO
Why use a DAR or DAO
Standards and Approvals
Mechanics, Engineers and good design
Whose responsibility is the aircraft modification
Change Product Rule and the basis of certification