Scope of activities - Aircraft engineering design and maintenance
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Support for large or small projects

o AOG Support

Quick, around the clock support for development of non-standard structural repairs. Liaison from a distance or on site as required to minimize aircraft down time. I can be reached at any time.

o Certification / Approvals

Providing Transport Canada approval for a wide range of aircraft structural repairs/modifications and system installations. Approval of engineering data is required by Transport Canada. This allows mechanics to sign off repairs or modifications that are out of scope of the aircraft manuals and other sources of approved data. Types of approvals include:

RDC’s: (Repair Design Certificate)
A Transport Canada approval for a repair to a specific aircraft.

LSTC’s: (Limited Supplemental Type Certificate)
A Transport Canada approval for a modification to a specific aircraft.

STC’s: (Supplemental Type Certificate)
A Transport Canada approval for a modification applicable to all aircraft of a specific type

PDA’s: (Parts Design Approval)
A Transport Canada approval record of a type design for a replacement part of the same fit, form and function.

o Drafting

Providing CAD drafting services to document design changes. Each drawing will be detailed to the extent required to meet your objectives and Transport Canada requirements. Preference will be to use B size (11 x 17) sheets, laser jet quality, for ease of record keeping and for use by mechanics on the shop floor.

o Engineering

Analytical validation of design changes to ensure positive safety factors. Classical methods of analytical analysis (hand calculations), testing or Finite Element analysis are used as required. Analyses are efficiently tailored to satisfy aircraft regulations while minimizing costs.

o Design

Design and design support based on practical experience. Specializing in structures and mechanical systems ranging from simple repairs to cargo door installations.